Jesus said in John 4:23 that 'the Father is seeking worshippers, who worship Him in spirit and in truth'. That's why worship is an important aspect of our services and daily lives at Emmaus Road. You'll experience worship in various forms through songs, prayers and the sacraments in our Eucharist Services and Home Gatherings. As Jesus commanded His disciples to celebrate the sacrament of the Lord's supper we're seeing it as the highpoint of our worship experience and expecting to meet with our Lord in those times.

We're also committed to spending time in His presence. We gather together regularly as a community for extended times of prayer and worship at our Intercessory Prayer Nights and our Dwell Services. We posture our hearts humbly in His presence and intentionally leave space for Him to move. We’re committed to making a priority of the living and active presence of God in our daily lives as individuals and as a community.